Polymer Preparation System

Together with the selection of flocculants, we install automatic polymer preparation systems as well on requests. Suitable sizes and numbers of dissolution tanks differ according to the types and the amount of flocculants. We suggest the best way for each client.

Advantages of Polymer Preparation System

  • Saving time and labour
  • Continuous operation and stable feeding

Automatic polymer preparation enables nighttime operation. In some cases, treatment capacity hugely increased.

Please consult us about it together with flocculants.

Polymer Preparation System

Polymer Preparation System MODELS

Model Powder Supply Device
Amount of Solution Supply
Electric Capacity
Standard Capacity/Maximum[L/hr]
KDS-500 30 30 0.8 200/500
KDS-1000 30 30 0.8 600/1000
KDS-2000 30 30 1.2 1400/2000

Please Note :
A specialized control panel comes with the device. Solution pumps are charged separately.
The processing capacity differs according to the solubility of flocculants.
The electric capacity is for reference and may change according to each client's demand.

Table of Dimensions of Polymer Preparation System

Dimensions of Polymer Preparation System
Model A
KDS-500 (1081) 800 (943) 525 980 (2035) 1100
KDS-1000 (1484) 1280 (1365) 525 1280 (1781) 900
KDS-2000 (2526) 2400 (2553) 525 1410 (1990) 1050

Please Note : The measurement is from one end to the other of the cover. The dimensions are for reference and may change according to each client's demand.

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