What is KDS Dewatering System?

A continuous sludge dewatering system combining KDS Separator and flocculants

Features of KDS Dewatering System

  • Treatment managed easily by adjustable rotation setting
  • Stable feeding of sludge and high treatment capacity by furnishing the efficient dewatering device, KDS Separator
  • Thorough squeezing corresponding to the properties of sludge
KDS Dewatering System

KDS Dewatering System

KDS Dewatering System Flow

KDS Dewatering System Flow
KDS Dewatering System Flow diagram

We design, manufacture and assemble a system according to each client's application. Please feel free to consult us about the selection of flocculants, as well.

Application and Installation Examples


Livestock Wastewater

Application, Installation Examples
  • Manure dewatering
  • Primary treatment of livestock manure
  • Residue removal for livestock methane fermentation, digested fluid flocculation and dewatering



Manufacturing Industrial Wastewater

Application, Installation Examples
  • Treatment of waste activated sludge
  • Flocculation and dewatering of grease trap
  • Water paint
  • DAF sludge
  • Methane fermentation digested sludge



Food Processing Wastewater

Application, Installation Examples
  • Food wastewater grease trap
  • Solid-liquid separation of leftover from school meal
  • Treatment of seafood processing wastewater
  • Wastewater from disposers and crushing machines
  • Pre-treatment of wastewater treatment
  • Flocculation and dewatering wastewater from wastewater treatment facilities


KDS Dewatering System MODELS

MODEL Dewatering Device Electric Capacity
Accessories Treatment Capacity
Sludge reference value (the concentration of 1%)
[m 3/h]
400System SS-411D 1.2 ・Lower Tank
・Flocculation Tank
・Base Frame
・Electric Control Panel
・Air Compressor
10~30 1~3
600System SS-611D 1.4 30~60 3~6
800System SS-811DK 1.95 60~90 6~9

Standard Specification Model:1.0mm gap, motor 3φ 200V
Please Note :
- Treatment Capacity is for reference and differs depending on the specifications and the properties of the wastewater.
- Please contact us for additional modifications, a specialized control panel, pumps and raw water sensor. For other special specifications (washing nozzles, motor painting, etc.), please contact us for each, as well.

Table of Dimensions of KDS Dewatering System

Dimensions of KDS Dewatering System
SS-411D 400 1580 (1784) 2300 (99) (2596) (824) (1472) (1640) 1350
SS-611D 600 1580 (1784) 2300 (99) (2596) (824) (1472) (1640) 1350
SS-811DK 800 1710 (1840) 2770 (163) (2928) (1062) (2090) (2054) 1700

Please Note : The measurement is from one end to the other of the cover
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