Developed by Kendensha's Unique Techniques, Next Generation Solid-Liquid Separator Multi-Disc Roller Separator
KDS Separator
( a.k.a., SLIT SAVER ) Multi-Disc Roller Separator
KDS Separator

( a.k.a., SLIT SAVER )

KDS Separator Patented Product (Japan, USA)
The number of units sold : 1050 units (August, 2020)

Hybrid Model - combines two functions

- Solid-Liquid Separation / Sludge Thickening
A solid-liquid separator is used for various purposes, such as industrial wastewater/livestock wastewater treatment, residue removal from industrial wastewater and sludge thickening. One of the problems that conventional machines have is that their filter screens get clogged easily. Cost and labour are required to remove the clogging.
We developed the cutting-edge mechanism with a unique self-cleaning function. The screen does not clog without backwash. KDS separator enables reduction in installation cost, life-cycle cost. Besides, the footprint is much smaller than other devices with equivalent performance.
- Sludge Dewatering
KDS separator works as an efficient sludge dewatering device, as well. The original pressurization mechanism reduces water content and the amount of discharge. Furthermore, the discharged cake has been composted or utilized as cement raw material. This contributes to 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Features and Advantages

Small Footprint - 1/3 of conventional devices

KDS separator does not require a wide space and its noise and vibration is very little. Therefore, it is possible to design and install in a client's existing space.

No clogging - Trouble-free, Stable Processing

Kendensha's unique 'self-cleaning' mechanism prevents clogging on the filter screen, so backwash is not required. Treatment capacity reduction due to clogging does not occur. In short, continuous and stable operation is possible.

Cost Effectiveness

Since KDS Separator does not require backwash, you can save the water for it. In addition, its initial cost, power consumption and lifecycle costs are lower than other devices with similar treatment capacity.

Reduces the volume of industrial waste

The adjustable pressure plate, attached at the top of the filter screen, dewaters sludge and gradually reduces the volume of it. Dewatering ability has been improved by adjusting the speed of oval-plate rotation and the pressure of the plate according to the sludge properties. KDS Separators are in use as a solid-liquid separator or a sludge dewatering device in various fields.

Customer Support

Consumable parts are replaced by exchanging a whole module. This makes quick restoration possible. By standardizing consumable parts, the supply has been stabilized and the cost of maintenance is reduced.

Today's Cat

6 Reasons to Choose Kendensha


In-house Integrated Manufacturing and Sales

Kendensha integrates marketing, designing, manufacturing and installation. This made us utilize PDCA possible and establish a system which enables stable supply of high quality products.

Well-Suited Proposals

Based on 60 years of experience, we suggest the best flocculant, device and solution to perfectly meet your requirements.

Designing Flexibility

Our specialized staff, who possess extensive knowledge and experience, have detailed meetings and design a customized device/system for each client.

Delivery and Parts Supply

In-house integrated production and efficient supply chain enables flexible delivery and parts supply.

Customer Support

A substantial stock of spare parts is always available. In case of troubles, we promptly dispatch necessary parts.

Environmental Friendly Designing

We design reduced power consumption, life-cycle cost and small foot-print devices/systems that meet a wide variety of demands. Together with clients, we contribute to building a sustainable society.

Customer Testimonials

Livestock farming, food processing, manufacturing industry…
Kendensha's products are working in various sectors!

We would like to share messages from our clients.

Swing Engineering Corporationexternal link


Our business partnership with Kendensha has started from when we adopted KDS Separator as a primary treatment device for our dewatering system. Since then, more than 100 KDS Separators have been installed with our dehydrators for sludge recycling in sewerage and plant wastewater fields. They are indispensable for our sludge treatment system now. Besides, Kendensha not only supplies excellent products but also has technical capabilities and agility to meet our demands. We, therefore, trust them as our most important partner for research and development as well.

TOMUSOexternal link


One of the major problems of widely used sludge dewatering devices or solid-liquid separators today is that significant decline of the treatment capacity due to screen clogging, and we have to spend a lot of effort and money for inside cleaning. To make matters worse, the water that was used for the cleaning itself needs to be treated and that costs us as well. Since KDS separator solves all these problems, we can suggest our clients a better solution which reduces and simplifies maintenance and management, lowers running costs, and even lowers initial costs by comparison with equivalent products. Therefore, KDS Separator has become one of our main products for both new and existing clients who are replacing their devices.
Kendensha's after-sale maintenance is precise and flexible. Their specialised staff, such as electricity, service mechanics, designing people deal with it. We trust them as our business partner. We will do our best to grow with Kendensha, which is outstanding in manufacturing and human resource development.

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