Case Study : Digested Sludge Dewatering at Biogas Plant

General Information

A biogas power generation plant.
At the construction of a new plant, KDS Dewatering system was installed. They chose KDS system because the demonstration test result were favourable and the running costs would be lower than other systems. Thank you very much.

The anaerobically digested sludge is reacted with polymer flocculant and dewatered with KDS system. The discharge cake is dried further and reused as fertiliser material.

Facility Biogas Plant
Wastewater/Sludge Anaerobically digested sludge from food residue
KDS Products KDS Dewatering System + Polymer Preparation System + Polyferric Sulphate Feeder
KDS Separator Model Dewatering Pneumatic : SS-811DK 1.0mm
Power Consumption Dewatering System : 1.75kW, Chemical Feeding System : 1.3kW (excluding pumps)
Installation July, 2023
Operation Data
SS 15,000 37
BOD 410 29
COD 4,400 190
N-hex extract 120 3.3
SS Rcovery Rate
Discharge Cake Dryness
Current Operation Capacity
Flow Rate
Solids Content
Powder Flocculant Dosage
[mg/L of Influent]
Operation Hours per Day
2.7 2.5 68 750 8 hours
Before & After
KDS Separator Filtrate
Customer Feedback

The assumed cake dryness at the design stage of the plant was 15%. However, since the demonstration operation, it has been higher than 25%. This contributes to reducing the power consumption of the sludge dryer installed in the next process. We are satisfied with the outcome.
The dosage of polymer flocculant has been reduced compared to when we started operating the plant.


On video page, you can find various wastewater/sludge treatment with Kendensha products.
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