Case Study : Digested Sludge Dewatering in Beverage Factory

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Background Information
A beverage factory in Kanto region.
To dewater recovered digested sludge from a new anaerobic treatment facility, KDS dewatering system has been installed. They chose KDS Separator because of its 'small body with huge treatment capacity'.
Facility Beverage Factory
Kendensha Product KDS Dewatering System
Polymer Preparation System
KDS Separator Model Thickening : SS-812 1.0mm 0.75kw
Dewatering : SS-1211D 1.0mm 1.5kw
Raw Water
KDS Separator Filtrate
SS 24,000 160
BOD 1,100 120
COD(Mn) 9,300 470
COD(Cr) 19,000 1100
TS (Evaporation Residue) 38,000 4,100
SS Recovary Rate
Dewatered Cake Water Content
78.3% (Dryness 21.7%)
Current Treatment Capacity
Flow Rate
Solid Thickness
Treatment Capacity
Powder Type Flocculant Dosage
/Raw Water[mg/L]
Thickened Cake
3.5 3.7 129.5 800 21.7
3.5 4.6 161 800 20.2
4.0 5.2 182 800 19.8

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