IFAT Munich 2024 -Thank you very much for your visit!

As we announced in the last post, we are now exhibiting at N-EXPO (Tokyo Big Sight) and J AGRI LIVESTOCK (Grandmesse Kumamoto).
Pop in our booth if you are at the fairs by chance.

In this post, I would like to report the IFAT 2024 last week in Munich.

Kendensha Booth

Thankfully, quite a few visotors stopped by our booth as usual. The exhibition model with a acrylic casing attracts attention as you can see the movement of oval-plate units. People tended to stop walking and watch the movement.

The time was limeted but we tried to explain the features and advantages of KDS Separator as thoroughly as possible.
This was the first time in six years that we had exhibited at IFAT, so our sales and marketing department were in high spirits.

We had been wearing this happi coat at overseas trade fairs in the past, this time, we were wearing a tie with the Kendensha logo on it as well. As the number of staff was small, there was inevitably a lot of effort (this is one of the issues to be dealt for the next time).

If you have any questions that were not fully addressed during the fair, please feel free to contact us via Contact Us.

As Europe's largest environmental exhibition, IFAT attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Apparently, only about half of the visitors come from Germany, so the language used is almost exclusively English.

When our staff from Japan had the language switch in their brains completely switched to English, and all the brochures we had prepared were gone, the five-day IFAT finally closed.

The next fair will be held in May 2026.
We will do our best to exhibit with an upgraded KDS Separator and something special.

Photographs of Munich

We had to go back straight home afterwards since there would be domestic trade fairs in the following week. However, as we went all the way to Germany, we would like to enjoy wandering around the city at least!
Here are some photos taken by our staff in the limited time they had in Germany.

Let's start with typical German meals...well, so we, Japanese, tend to think.

Beer, sausages and hamburgers....

The weather was fine and the sky was clear and blue!

Frauenkirche. When travelling, we often stop at churches. The decoration is extremely beautiful.

Munich's new town hall and the sunset.
Looking forward to visiting again!

Thank you very much for your visit!

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