Case Study : Exterior Wall Paint Wastewater

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Background Information

A manufacturer of exterior wall material in Tokai Region.
To reduce a load of the septic tank inside the factory, they installed KDS Dewatering System as primary treatment.

Facility Exterior Wall Material Factory
Kendensha Product KDS Dewatering System
KDS Separator Model SS-612 1.0mm gap, Three-phase, 200V、0.4kW
Raw Water
KDS Separator Filtrate
SS 32,000 210
COD 2,800 2,300
SS Recovery Rate
Dewatered Cake Water Content
(after naturally dried in flexible container)
70-74% (Dryness 26-30%)
Current Treating Capacity
Flaw Rate
Solid Thickness
Treatomg Capacity
Powder Type Flocculant Dosage
per raw water[mg/L]
Dewatered Cake Dryness
1.5 3.2 48 1,500 23.9
2.0 3.2 64 1,500 23.4
2.2 3.2 70.4 1,500 22.7

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