Case Study : DAF Sludge Dewatering in Soap Factory

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Background Information

A manufacturer of soap and other hygiene products in Kansai region.
Because of its small footprint while being able to treat required amount, they chose KDS Dewatering System.

Facility Hygiene Product Factory
Kendensha Product KDS Dewatering System
KDS Separator Model Dewatering Model SS-411D, Pneumatic Type Dewatering
1.0mm gap, Three-phase, 200V,0.4kW
KDS Reccomended Capacity 30-40kgDS/hr
Raw Water
KDS Separator Filtrate
SS 12,000 760
BOD 12,000 650
COD Mn 1,600 140
TS 2% -
SS Reacovery Rate
Dewatered Cake Water Content
75.1% (Dryness 24.9%)

Dewatered Cake:Water Content 75.1%
Current Treatment Capacity
Flaw Rate
Solid Component Thickness
Treatment Capacity
Flocculant Dosage
per Raw Water[mg/L]
Dewatered Cake Dryness
3.2 2 64 300 24.9%

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