Designing Department : Gadgets on the Desks

In a past post, I wrote about PC peripherals in the Designing Department. 'PC peripherals'
This time, I will show you other useful, or maybe interesting items found around their desks.

stylus pen

At first glance it looks like an ordinary stylus pen, but...

a stylus that doubles up as a Biro

It also doubles up as a ballpoint like this.

a compass attached to the stylus pen

And on the top is a magnetic compass! (Although it does not look like you will ever use it...)
Apparently, this stylus pen is a complimentary gift from a certain company.


What is this star-shaped metal?

paper clip holder

Turn it over and you will find it is a paper clip holder.
This takes up too much space for the purpose and cannot be said very useful. It is merely personal preference.

Next, items found on the desk of our veteran.

desk loupe

This is a paperweight-style desk loupe.
When you reach your mid-40s, it becomes hard to see small letters on drawings. Then, this becomes very useful. I would like to have one at home.

loupe with lights

There was also a regular loupe with a light. This seems to be a free gift from a tool shop.

Finally, numeric keypads.

numeric keypad

The numeric keypad on the right, which have been used for five years, has finished its job (it broke) and has been replaced by a new one on the left.

numeric keypad with USB input

The new numeric keypad also has USB input. It will serve us well for another five years or so.

You must have useful or interesting stuff around your desk, too.

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