Did you know? Amazing Technologies in Izumo

From 16 March, the KDS Separator has been on display at the Izumo Science Centre.

The Izumo Science Centre is located near Izumo Station and is a facility where children up to junior high school age can learn about science through hands-on experience. Because the admission is free, the centre is crowded with parents and children on weekends.

Craft classes are held every weekend, and there are also club activities such as an invention club and an astronomy club that can be joined throughout a certain period of time. Therefore, it is a very familiar place for children in the city who love science and crafts.

Also, special exhibitions are frequently held and this time is 'Did you know? Amazing Technologies in Izumo'. You can see products which manufactured by companies in Izumo.
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Since the KDS Separator is displayed, I cannot miss this opportunity. I went to see it at the weekend!

Special Exhibition Area
Although it was in the morning, there were quite a few families already.

This model is very small and easy to carry anywhere and because the casing is acrylic, you can see the movement of oval-plates. We prepared cushioning materials instead of sludge to be put into the machine. Therefore, kids can play and observe the cushioning materials to be carried to the discharge.
I was a relieved to see that kids liked playing with it.

Because Kendensha is a B to B business, our products are not well recognised by locals. We are often asked, 'I know the company name but what do you make?'
We hope that kids find the movement of oval-plate units interesting. Furthermore, we would be happier if they remember Kendensha when they grow up and think about finding a job in the future... Anyway, I hope that many excellent engineers will be fostered in Izumo.

Thank you very much for the members of Izumo Science Center. This exhibition will be on display until 14 April. Therefore, if you live nearby, please visit the centre and have a look.

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