Polished Concrete Floor

We polished the floor in our main factory!

You are probably thinking 'What's with the suddenness?' You're probably thinking. You might polish the flooring in your home, and we sometimes see polishers cleaning the floor in shopping centres. However, what Kendensha has tried this time is called 'polished concrete floor'.
Originally developed in the USA, this is a method of polishing concrete to make it beautiful as it is.

Many floors in shops, offices, government offices, schools, hospitals, corridors... are made of concrete. Some high-class hotels use marble, but most of these floors are made of concrete with a coat of paint or covered with vinyls, carpets or tiles. However, paint peels off, vinyls, carpets and tiles deteriolate with age, and they are all difficult to clean. Polished concrete floors are the solution to these problems.

For further information, see Sintokogio's page.
Shinto's Polished Concrete Floors

Floor Polishing

We borrowed a set of necessary equipment and did all the work ourselves with advice of a supervisor from Shintokogio. We were later told that it is very rare that a client, it is us for this time, does the work themselves. Most clients ask Sintokogio's specialist staff to do it for them. Because Kendensha has a spirit of trying everything anyway (also known as impatience), so we chose to rent the equipment and do it ourselves without any doubts.

The room where we had been repeatedly applying another coat of paint over the paint that had peeled off was the start. This was the perfect place to try out the polished floor.

  1. Scrape off the paint and expose the concrete with a grinder to prepare the bare surface.
  2. Change the blade to further clean up the surface.
  3. Spray with a chemical hardener.
  4. Polish
  5. Apply a protective agent.
  6. Polish for the last time to a shining floor!

Just looking at these steps alone, it seems to take a lot of time. As the work was recorded on a security camera, let's watch in x100 playback. It is still 14 minutes in duration.
*The sound is on. Please be careful.

Before & After
The Room Recorded in the Video

It looks as luxurious as marble. In addition, it is durable and easy to clean. Therefore, one day we would like to have a polished concrete floor throughout the factory.

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