Excess Sludge Thickening at Chemical Plant

A chemical plant in Hokuriku region, KDS Separator dewatering model was installed additionally to their existing sludge dehydrating facility.

We had a billiant outcome.
The waste disposal has been reduced by 1.7 ton / day and the treatment flow rate has been increased by 1.6 times!

Facility Sludge Dehydrating Facility at Chemical Plant
Treating Wastewater Waste Activated Sludge
KDS Separator Model SS-411
Screw Press (with steam) only
KDS Separator Thickening → Screw Press (with steam)
Treatment Capacity 45kgDS/hr 75kgDS/hr
Flow Rate 3m3/hr 7m3/hr
Thickened Cake Water Content - 90%
Dehydrated Cake Water Content 85% 75%

Please play the video below!

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