Laser Processing Samples

We have made a few samples with our new laser processing machine introduced in January. (Laser Processing Machine!)

Let's start with flat plates.

KDS pattern
Cut out letters

KDS, abbreviation of Kendensha, is cut out as a pattern. The curves are beautifully done.

Some people murmured 'Demon slayer...'

Last year and the year before, an animation became extremely popular in Japan. Have you heard of 'Demon Slayer'? In the anime, one of the characters wore hemp-pattern kimono.

Next, shaped steel processing.

stars in line

Three small stars in line.
Nicely cut.


Hexagons are cut out on the pipe front-back symmetrically. No misalignment at all.

mortise joint
Mortise joint

This photo was shown in a past post. Mortise and groove processing is applied to the angles. They fit perfectly.

The plate thickness and shape vary, but they are all precisely machined. This is the result of Amada's rotary index and touch probe feature.
I will show processing samples again on this blog when we make something interesting.

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