PC Peripherals

In Designing Department, they use their PCs very hard every day. This time, I will show you some of the favourite products of Mr. X, who is very particular about his peripherals. In the end it is a matter of taste, of course. However, if you like those gadgets, please take a look.

Let's start with the keyboard.


Topre Realforce
You can customize the key assignments one by one, which frees you from the shortcut "Ctrl+". Therefore, you can type quickly and comfortably.


3DConnexion 3D mouse

As the name suggests, you can operate the mouse in 3D. Not only can you scroll on a flat surface, but you can also rotate, zoom in and out. The real value comes from combining it with a regular mouse, which will come next.

Logitech mouse

Logitech Mouse

I guess many of you love Logitec's mice. This one is a high-end model. The central scroll button is free-spinning, so if you want to scroll a lot, it will spin on its own. Besides, there is also horizontal scroll button on the side. Like the keyboard above, you can customize the button assignments. In combination with the 3D mouse above, you can quickly get to the desired point in the drawing - ideal for using SOLIDWORKS.

So what peripherals do the rest of the design team use? I asked them to show a little.


Diatec Filco Majestouch
This is a keyboard made by a well-known Japanese manufacturer. It is recommended for those who want a firm touch. You can semi-order your favourite keyboard from their website.


A colourful keyboard, NorthCrown
This keyboard has a rainbow of LED lights. According to the user, the features are
So pretty and shiny!
Great keystroke sound!
However, the keystroke sound is controversial. Because, people around the desk sometimes complain it is 'Too noisy'.


A uniquely shaped mouse, Perixx
Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue. It seems to be a German manufacturer but you can by it at a reasonable price in Japan.

What did you think?
KDS separator and other products are designed in CAD with the peripherals above.

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