Happy new yaer! I hope all of you had great holidays.

Now, in this first post of the year, we would like to introduce a sign we produced at the end of last year.
The client was the local barbershop 'Falò Hairmake Life'.

On delivery, we had the opportunity to photograph the completed signboards side by side.

Falò Hairmake Life

The signboards match the colour of the shop's exterior walls and create a stylish atmosphere. They were made entirely by Kendensha, from cutting plates to completion.
A plate is cut using a laser processing machine, bent using a press brake, painted and completed! ... It sounds very simple when you put it like this, doesn't it?
But here, too, craftsmanship is demonstrated behind the machines.。

The Barbershop's Logo
On the back of OPEN: Thanks for coming!

Kendensha undertakes metal works for local businesses occasionally.

external linkFalò Hairmake Life

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