Case Study : Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Vietnam

This time, we would like to introduce our delivery record of KDS Dewatering System in Vietnam.

KDS Dewatering System 311D
KDS Dewatering 311D system in operation

At the end of last year, we completed the installation work and commissioning of KDS Dewatering System (model: SS-311D) in Vietnam and handed it over to the client.

The system is being used in a domestic wastewater treatment centre for staff dormitories of a Japanese company in Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam.
The advantages of KDS Separator, such as its compact design and the flexible pressure control by air cylinder, have been well received by the client and the dryness of the dewatered cake meets their strict requirements.

Facility Domestic Wastewater Treatment Centre
Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam
Product KDS Dewatering System
KDS Separator Model Dewatering Model SS-311D 1.0mm gap, 1.0kW
Treating Wastewater Septage Sludge
Domestic Wastewater Treatment Centre
Wastewater Treatment Centre
Explaining to the client
Explaining how to use the system to the client
raw water, filtrate, dewatered cake
From left to right : raw water, KDS Separator filtrate, dewatered cake

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