New Laser Processing Machine Introduced!

At last, we are proud to show our new equipment. It is a state-of-the-art laser processing machine.

New Laser Processing Machine

The fibre laser processing machine introduced this time is AMADA 'ENSIS 3015 RI', which uses optical fibre as the medium of laser beam, has high energy efficiency and an extremely small focal diameter.
It is characterized by the ability to irradiate its laser beam narrowly, deeply and with pinpoint accuracy. This makes it possible to process even highly reflective metals such as aluminium and copper, which are difficult to process with CO2 lasers.

processing a flat plate
Processing a Plate

Besides, the processing speed of a thin plate is about three times faster than that of a CO2 laser!
The energy efficiency of the oscillator (conversion efficiency from electricity to laser light) is also about three times higher!
And there is also a big difference in power consumption!

In addition to the processing of flat plates, the machine is equipped with a rotary index, which enables high-precision processing of pipes and shaped steel, making it possible to perform all-round processing.
The machine has AMADA's hyper easy-cut system, which removes unwanted components from the air in the atmosphere and produces an assist gas close to nitrogen. Therefore, high quality cutting is possible without the use of nitrogen or other assist gases.

AMADA's machines, including the press brake purchased last year ('New Machine!'), are managed in the company's cloud, which allows us to check machine availability, material usage, energy consumption, etc., as well as machine maintenance, operational analysis and other machine visualisation!
I have seen it in action, and it's fast! The cutting speed is just so fast!
It's many times faster than any laser cutting machines I know!

processed objects
Processed Objects

Angles, channels, pipes and other shapes were all cut very well. I cannot help thinking about all the hard work we had for all these years...
Anyway, we are very excited about the future!

Article Has Been Published

Kendensha's introduction of the laser processing machine is on The Nikkei (the most credible financial newspaper in Japan).
The Nikkei Website
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