KDS Separator on Lord Howe Island

Have you been to Lord Howe Island
A UNESCO World Heritage site in Australia and you can see how spectacular the environment and nature there are by only looking at some pictures. I have never been, unfortunately, but would like to visit the island when this Covid pandemic is settled down (We never know when it will be...). Please have a look at Tourism Australia website for details. The residents there are 300 and only 400 visitors are allowed anytime.

On the island, our KDS Separator has been operated for some time now!

Our great partner company in Australia created a fantastic PR video. Since this is too good to watch within Kendensha, I would like to share. Please play below.

Facility Septage Treatment Plant
KDS Separator Model SS-612D
Treating Object Septic Sludge
SS Recovery Rate
Thickened Cake Dryness

Our product is working on this beautiful island today. It means so much to us.
When we get pictures or videos like this in the future, I will share them on this blog.

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