Case Study: Digested Sludge Dewatering in Pig Farm

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Background Information

A pig farm in Kanto region.
To dewater recovered digested sludge from methane fermentation facility, KDS Separator dewatering model has been installed. They value KDS Saparator's small foot print and huge treatment capacity.

Facility Pig Farm
Kendensha Product KDS Separator:Dewatering Model + Polymer Preparation System
Treating Wastewater Pig Manure + Candy Methane Fermentation Digested Sludge (Primary Treatment, Flocclulation and Dewatering)
KDS Searator Model Dewatering : SS-611D, 0.4kW
KDS Recommended Treatment Capacity 50kgDS/hr
Current Treatment Capacity 20t (Pig Manure 10ton + Candy 5ton + Waste Bread 5ton)
Raw Water KDS Separator Filtrate
(effluent standard)
pH 7.3 (27.7℃) 7.6 (27.2℃)
SS [mg/L] 7,700 60
BOD [mg/L] 720 320
COD Mn [mg/L] 2,700 290
TN [mg/L] 1,400 860
TP [mg/L] 270 23
SS Recovery Rate
Thickened Cake Water Content
78.9% (Dryness 21.1%)
Current Treatment Capacity
Flow Rate
Solid Component Thickness
Treatment Capacity
Flocculant Dosage
per Raw Water[mg/L]
Thickened Cake Dryness
3.2 1.1 35.2 200 21.1%

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