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From this post, I would like to write a series on the development of our flagship product, KDS Separator, including the history of Kendensha.

Since it was quite a long time ago, I have been preparing the series with the help of our former CEO, Minoru Ishitobi.

Foundation of Kendensha and Business Leading up to KDS Separator

Building at the time of Foundation
Building at the time of Foundation

Kendensha was founded in 1958 in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture.

The location is not the same as today but close to Izumo City Station.

When the company started, the main business was the manufacture and sale of electrical components for cars. You can see in the picture that the signboard says "National (Panasonic today) Battery and Car Radio".
Gradually, however, our main business changed and we began to sell and maintenance decanter centrifuge wastewater treatment devices and to develop, design and manufacture original industrial machines.

Here are just a few examples of the products Kendensha produced in the past.

Algae Cutting Ship
Algae cutting ship
Algae Cutting Ship

Awarded prize for invention.
A device for the purification of nearby rivers and lakes.

Labour-saving Automatic Devices

- Automatic shirt folding machine
- Automatic clip attaching machine
(developed in cooperation with a local sewing factory)
Until around 2001, we also manufactured and delivered a number of other labour-saving automatic machines to local electronic equipment manufacturing companies.

During this time, we introduced the most advanced NC lathe and other equipment, and improve machining techniques. This deepen our knowledge and experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. Although there were some problems along the way, such as expensive processing equipment got utterly smashed, this period was to prove very useful for the future.

One day, a client asked for a user-friendly wastewater treatment device. Drawing on experience in maintenance of decanter centrifuges, Kendensha set about developing a new product.

What is it like to be a "user-friendly wastewater treatment device" ?

to be continued...

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