Rearranging Factory

As mentioned in our previous post 'Electrical Works', we are going to install new equipment in our main factory at the beginning of next year. For welcoming the new machine, we are rearranging the factory at the moment.


Because we have been moving machines and parts shelves to make more space, the factory looks a bit lonelier than usual. Occasionally, there is a bit of excitement when old tools are unearthed.

Also, we have decided to turn the path orange on a whim.

orange path
I guess it is probably because orange is a contrast to the green, the colour of the floor. However, this orange paint was pretty difficult to apply. Our staff who painted the path had a hard time...

Like this, we are preparing steadily for the installation of new equipment in our main factory.
Towards the end of the year, everything would be hectic but I hope you are all well.

Merry Christmas!

christmas tree
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