Stainless Steel Plant Tags

Are you a houseplant lover?
In Japan, succulents seem to have become very popular in last few years. I do not know anything about them, but I have seen them on TV and at DIY shops.

Shigeoka Koumuten, the building contractor who Kendensha relies on innovating our offices, has been running a plant shop for some time.
Curious Plant Shop 'Bota Bro Garden'
I visited the shop once myself and found it to be a space that never bored me. The unique plants, they were like pieces of art. I became a fan of these plants and wanted to put them in my house. Therefore, I think I now understand a little more about the feelings of plant lovers.

On the owner's request, Kendensha has made the original plant tags for the shop!

Production Process

First, we asked the customer to draw a rough idea in Adobe Illustrator, and then we designed for the laser processing machine based on the customer's wishes.

Illustrator data

Second, we made a prototype and discussed the details. After further prototypes and meetings, the final design was decided.


Finally, the ordered quantity was produced and delivered.

Plant Tags in Pots


Don't you think they are cool?

If you buy a potted plant from Bota Bro Garden, it may come with these plant tags made by Kendensha!

Apart from wastewater treatment, Kendensha also undertakes metalworking work like this at any time.

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