'Youth Yell' Certified in 2023

Kendensha has been certified as 'Youth Yell' company in business year 2023.

This certification has been created by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Japan and given to small and medium enterprises who are proactive in hiring and fostering young workers and excellent in employing management.

youth yell certificate
Managing Director recieving the certificate

Because we are a small company, the number of newly employment are not so large but more young people have been joining us in recent years.

We will continue working on the welfare system and the working environment to make Kendensha a better place in which both young and senior employees can work comfortably and confidently for a long period of time.

Featured on Local Newspaper
Shimane Nichinichi Newspaper
The Shimane Nichinichi Shinbun 1 June, 2023
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