Design Department : Stainless Steel Pentominoes

Do you have Pentominoes (5-minoes) puzzles?
I guess most of us are much more familiar with Tetrominoes (4-minoes) puzzles through playing the video game, 'Tetris'. For details of Pentominoes and other polyominoes puzzles, please have a look at the Wikipedia page. Pentomino - Wikipedia

Members of our designing department have made a Pentominoes puzzle on the laser processing machine.

stainless steel pentominoes 1
Stainless Steel Pentominoes

They are a bit plain as not being coloured. But let's put them together to form a rectangle.

stainless steel pentominoes 2

Apparently, there are 2,339 possible solutions for this 6x10 pentominoes puzzle.
It would be fun to aim for a different solution each time.

stainless steel pentominoes 3

The final piece completes the puzzle.
You can see that each piece has been cut precisely by the laser processing machine.

stainless steel pentominoes 4

Stacked on top of each other.
There are also three-dimensional pentominoes puzzles, so it might be interesting to try making one.

The designing department has been drawing up interesting things as part of the training for a new employee, so we are looking forward to seeing them take shape.

Please check out 'Laser Processing Samples' for more objects processed with the laser machine.

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