New Equipment Carried In!

At last, new equipment has come to our factory!!

It came in on a big trailer♪
In no time, all devices were unloaded by rafters and our car park was overflowing with them....

Car Park

The new member of our factory has been brought in a space where we arranged in advance as in previous post 'Rearranging Factory'

Bringing In

We did our best to paint the floor, but it peeled again during the delivery.
We felt a bit disappointeE but it cannot be helped. So, we will paint again!

I was just checking on the delivery and very impressed. That was a professional job!
People who delivered the equipment worked really fast and good! Although the entrance is narrow, they managed to carry through it.

Bringing In

It was satisfying to see the equipment falling into the place so easily♪
I did some of plumbing myself, but I was not happy with it and had to redo it a few times...
Now that we have got all pipes and cables connected, it is time for the manufacturer to make some adjustments♪

Next time we will finally be able to show it off, so look forward to it!

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